Cherry Cola 26" Milk Bar Bike


Cherry Cola 26" Milk Bar Bike



Timeless steel frame – because heavy metal never grows old

Boots or barefoot, you won’t be slipping off these Heavy Metal Alloy Pedals

Double hand-levered V-brakes, and no foot brake to get hung up on at red lights

Chain guard will keep you from shredding your jeans

Spring fork suspension for a ride that’s smooth like butter on a warm day

Adjustable banana seat with extra cushioning, so you don’t feel every crack in the pavement

Kick stand will keep some of you from just dropping it on the lawn

Front and back fenders for all your free-roaming, puddle-charging antics

Old-school sissy bar with lots of holes to choose your seat height, and for mounting racks and accessories

High-Rise Handlebars for flowing lines and laid-back cruisin’

26” white wall low-pro tires that will pound the pavement and the earth

Reflectors and low-profile bell come along in the box because the man says you need em