Pura Vida Raw Gemstone Silver Ring Turquoise


Pura Vida Raw Gemstone Silver Ring Turquoise




Bring the good vibes wherever you go with this simple yet chic Raw Gemstone Ring! This sleek silver look comes in five gorgeous gemstones - amazonite, amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz and turquoise - that each exude a different vibe. And because each stone is 100% unique, no two look alike!


- Brass base with rhodium plating
- Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Amethyst, Amazonite or Moonstone stone
- Stone dimensions: approx. 4mm (W) x 6mm (H)

Size -Diameter

5 - 15.6mm

6 - 16.4mm

7 - 17.2mm

8 - 18mm

9 - 18.9mm

10 - 19.75mm


Founded in Costa Rica, Pura Vida Bracelets provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide and raises awareness for charities with products that give back. We’re also passionate about protecting the environment. That’s why we package all of our products in biodegradable bags that break down after 180 days when buried.